Meet our speech and language staff members.

Mrs Vikki Andrews

Speech and Language Lead

Mrs Jane Hawkins

Specialist Speech and Language Assistant

Miss Nicole Stevens

Specialist Speech and Language Assistant

Designated NHS Speech and Language Therapist


My name is Mrs Andrews and I oversee Speech, Language and Communication at Painters Ash. Our team consists of myself, and two specialist Teaching Assistants, Mrs Hawkins and Miss Stevens. We work closely with our designated NHS speech therapist.

Some of our pupils enter school already having been involved with a speech and language therapist for a variety of reasons.We communicate with their therapists, they hand over all therapy plans to us and we ensure that there is a smooth handover.

In Reception, not long after the children start school we begin to screen every child using Speech Link and Language Link Assessment Programmes, which will indicate if there is a need for further targeted support. These needs can often be addressed in the classroom but for a small number of children it will indicate the need for a personalised intervention programme. Mrs Hawkins or Miss Stevens will usually work one to one with these children for two or three short sessions a week.

If after this time we decide that further intervention is needed, we will make a referral to our designated NHS therapist, who will undertake a full assessment. She will devise a programme and create targets, which will be shared with parents and implemented at school by Mrs Hawkins or Miss Stevens. These programmes and targets will be constantly reviewed and updated.

Our aim is to identify and support all children with speech, language and communication needs so that no child is left to struggle at school through difficulties with speech or understanding of language.

If you have any concerns about your child’s speech, language or communication skills please do not hesitate to contact me through the school office or email me directly.

Mrs Vikki Andrews.