At Painters Ash Primary School we would like all of our children to Grow, Nurture and Succeed.

My name is Mrs Lisa Savill and my role at Painters Ash is the school’s ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant). I have over 25 years worth of experience working with children. I offer pastoral support, when children find situations difficult to understand.

Life for children can be stressful and confusing which in turn can stop them participating in learning and fully enjoying school life. When children find themselves in these difficult situations it can make them act differently and change their relationships with friends, teachers and parents – which can also be confusing for them too!

If parents are concerned, they can refer their child for ELSA via the class teacher, a member of SLT or our school FLO Mrs Hooper. All referrals are looked at and then decided by the inclusion team whether they are a suitable candidate for Elsa or if something else would be more appropriate.

The different areas I can support your child with are;

• Anxiety
• Self-esteem
• Social skills
• Friendship/relationships
• Anger
• Loss/Bereavement
• Separation/Divorce
• Emotional Awareness
• Building resilience
• Relaxation techniques
• Coping strategies