At Painters Ash we offer a wide range of clubs. This gives the children opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities and learn new skills. We encourage all children to take part in a club so if your child is interested in attending a club please ensure that you have complied with the deadline as set out in this terms clubs letter.

We strongly encourage regular attendance as it shows a commitment that we want children to recognise. Poor attendance at a club means that you may be asked to give up your child's place.


Painters Ash School offers a Breakfast and After School Club to all our parents. Breakfast Club runs between 7.45am and 8.40am every morning in the school hall.

Every morning there is a simple healthy breakfast available. This breakfast menu includes:

-Cereal or porridge
-Fruit Juice

On some days there will be a special breakfast menu available, including:

-Bacon rolls
-Baked beans on toast
-Breakfast is served until 8.25am and so children arriving after this time will need to have had breakfast already.

Once the children have had their breakfast, there are a range of games and equipment for the children to use with their friends. At 8.40am the children will be dismissed and will join their teachers in the classroom. After School Club is held in the Community Room from 3.30pm each day. Children in KS1 are collected from their classrooms. Children in KS2 will meet a member of the After School Club in the entrance hall and will then go to the Community Room. Children attending other school clubs first will be brought to the Community Room after their club.

A simple tea is served for children. This will consist of:

-A sandwich
-Milk/ water

Activities include board games, computer use, arts and crafts and cooking. Themed activities are organised, the details of which can be found on the notice board outside the Community Room. If the weather is suitable, the children will play outside under supervision.

The After School Club closes promptly at 5.30pm.

Price List Breakfast Club
7.45am start £3.50

After School Club
3.30-4.30pm £5.50
4.30-5.30pm £5.50
3.30-5.30pm £10.00

If you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club and After School Club, please contact the School Office.

Some families may be eligible to claim child care costs via working tax credits. Please contact the Inland Revenue for information: 0845 300 3900. Quote Club Registration Number: 118491